Parana Bomfim BrasilAfroJazz

Percussion only consists of riffs? Congas can only be played Afro-Cuban? Percussive Afro-Brazilian contemporary music means Samba-Reggae? The Brazilian master drummer Parana Bomfim proves the opposite. He has developed a vanguard line of Brazilian conga, which is equally influenced by traditional rhythms and jazz master John Coltrane. In order to realize his creativity and versatility finally in a group, where percussion not only serves as musical background, he initiated the project BrasilAfroJazz. There he shows the afro-percussive potential in the repertoire of well-known Brazilian musicians and builds a bridge between tradition and innovation.

The marked personalities of all musicians of BrasilAfroJazz develop a dynamic dialogue, connecting different traditions and genres. The result is music full of pleasure and energy, which carries us beyond musical and cultural frontiers, and lends wings not only to our ears, but also to our souls.
Fotos: Sonya Cipriano

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