Courses and Workshops (selection)

Percussion teacher
1980s Courses and workshops in São Paulo(ACACAB, Teatro Lira Paulistana, CIM-Centro de Integração Musical, a.o.)
1983/1984 Courses and workshops in Frankfurt (House of Drums), Bern (Dance Team Studio) and Thun (Jazz Studio Thun)
1993 Percussion workshop at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
1998 Mastercourse for handdrums for the students of the Music University, Musikhochschule Hanns-Eisler, Berlin

Percussion for Dance and Theatre
1980er Courses and workshops at the Ballett Stagium in São Paulo, co-operation with dancers from Classical Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance and Afro-Brazilian Dance
1990er Courses and workshops at the Tanzfabrik Berlin, among others Dança Expressiva with Elise Ralston and Afro-Brazilian Dance with Murah Soares
1991 Workshop with Koffi Koko in München
1992 Together with Elise Ralston preparation of the Dance Ensemble of São Paulo for a theatre adaption by Johann Kresnik of the novel Zero of Loyola Brandão, Teatro Muncipal in São Paulo
1998/1999 Workshops African Modern and Modern Expressiv with Ismael Ivo in Berlin (Podewil), Tanzsommer Innsbruck and the Toscana
2001-2003 Workshops Tribal-Trance-Dance with Jürgen Bolz
since 2003 Dança Expressiva with Elise Ralston, courses and workshops at the Tanzfabrik Berlin
since 2003 Afro-Brazilian Dance with Murah Soares, courses and workshops at Tangará BrasilEvents, Berlin

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