Dance and Theatre (selection)

1986 Dança e Ritmos afro-brasileiros with Ana Amélia Fernández; presented, among other events, at the IV. Dance Festival in Joinville
1988/89 Musical direction and arrangments for the play O País dos Elefantes, from Louis Charles Jaques, Theatre Festival Avignon, Leading man Antonio Fagundes
1994 EntreMundos with Elise Ralston, Tanzfabrik, Berlin
1997 Aafro-Brazilian Performance with Marcio Valeriano, during the exposition Tanz in der Moderne, Kunsthalle Emden (Friesland)
1998 Ohne menschlichen Kontakt oder ein möglicher Reiseweg Kasper Hausers with Merysol León, Wasserspeicher, Berlin
1999  Dionysos with Ismael Ivo, dramaturgy Helge-Björn Meyer, Kulturcentrum Puchheim/München
2000 Floresta do Amazônas, dance-theatre with Marcia Haydée and Ismael Ivo and Company, Wiener Stadthalle, Wien
2001 Carmen Miranda Revue Pavillon from Holger Friedrich, Haus der Berliner Festspiele, Berlin
2002 Ciclo das Águas with Elise Ralston, organized by biVA (Brazilian Institute for Visual Arts), Espace Senghor, Bruxelles
4/2003 Workshop Dança Expressiva with Elise Ralston, Tanzfabrik, Berlin
4/2003 Dialogue between Movement and Music with Elise Ralston, Tanzfabrik, Berlin
1/2004 Windesmächte, Performance with Murah Soares, Humboldt University Berlin, during the "Long Night of the Museums"

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